India Electricity - Electrical Plugs, Converters, Electric Sockets, Electric Adapters

India uses 230 Volts, 50 Hz alternating current as the power source. Plugs and sockets have either grounded / earthed 3 Pin connections (Type D) or ungrounded 2 pin connections (Type C).


The two pin plug is also called the Europlug. It has two round 4 mm (0.157 in) pins. It can be inserted in either way into the socket. Hence there is no fixed live (hot) and neutral (cold) terminals.

Indian Electrical Plug - 6 Amp 2 Pin Socket India Electrical Plug - 6 Amp 2 Pin Plug


The three pin plug is rated at 6A / 250V. It has three round pins in a triangular pattern. The earth terminal is slightly larger than the live and neutral terminals.

India Electrical Socket - 6 Amp 3 Pin SocketIndia Electrical Plug - 6 Amp, 3 Pin Plug


For Higher current, there is a 15 Amp version of the same 3 Pin plug, usually called the Power Plug or the M Plug. Live and neutral are 1 inch (25.4 mm) apart. Earth terminal is 1+18 in (28.58 mm) away from live and neutral terminals.  Typically, refrigerators, heaters and other high power devices are connected to this 15 Amp socket.


Will a standard European electric plug (2 round pins) fit into a power point in India?


Yes. To insert the 2 pin plug into a Type D 3 Pin socket which in some cases may be closed by default, push a pen into the Ground/Earth terminal. This opens up the protected 2 Pin terminals and you can insert the 2 Pin plug.


Will a standard Americal electric plug fit into a power point in India?

No. But any electrical store will sell you an adapter (picture below) for around 50 cents (Rs. 25 aprox) or less.


3 Pin Converter / Adapter